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Preparing for the STA internship

March 24, 2010

It’s been a funny couple of months lately. At the start of this year I was wondering just what I could do for a living that I’d actually enjoy when one morning, I rolled out of bed with the hangover from hell and went to check my e-mails. It’s always nice to get e-mails from Camilla, but this time I was in for an extra special treat as I learnt that they were offering people internships to travel around the world and record their experiences! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, made sure I was definately awake and looked again: the message was still there. Since starting at university I’d really been missing the exciting and often terrifying experiences of travelling and publishing records of my journeys, and now I had the oportunity to do it for a job!

Needless to say I made it to the launch night for the World Traveller internship program and brought my housemate Taz along for moral support! Go Holloway Players!

I was slightly nervous but the evening turned out to be a blast! Free food, free cake, terrific banter and stories of travels far and wide! With that, I set out on my task of applying for the internship. The first thing I had to do was set up my application page and upload a video. The filming was incredible fun and again Taz was there to help me along the way! I’ve been really lucky with the charity I received. Jenny and Emma also helped with the camera work. I also had the acting talents of Steve, my other housemate, Zara, who I was in a play with about a disfunctional couple just before and my other housemate Dan, who added the crowing jewel to the end of the filmUnfortunately, due to the time restrictions of the film I wasn’t able to include all my scenes I filmed. It’s been great fun, seriously, just imagine being able to do that as a job! Here is the finished project on my application page:

Last month, we had another meet-up, this time with a Thailand theme. I’ve never been myself but I was surrounded by experts, so I soon found out about the customs, the beach parties the wild-life sanctuaries and  I WANNA GOOOOOO! A number of them were also applying for the internship and they had some wicked blogging skills! Paddy’s ‘that’s a wrap’ still gets me!

After that, I remembered there was that other thing I need to do. The erm, thing, oh yeah my degree! As you can guess it’s been a hectic few weeks! But now the holidays are coming. A merciful break. As luck would have it, a lot of people are having their birthdays on the very week I finish all my essays! Thanks guys! After we break up, I’ve got plans so go paintballing and then go on tour with the frisbee team in Rimini! So watch this space. The Nickmeister is back!

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